Universal drive unit TW 70/TFS

for Steaker / Tenderizer / Strip Cutter + Meat Mincer
TW-70 / TFS

  • Meat Mincer 150 kg/h with a 4.5 mm perforated disc
  • with steaker - up to 500 slices of meat/hour
  • with Tenderizer approx. 300 pieces of meat / hour
  • with Strip Cutter 10 mm approx. 30 kg of chicory salad or 40 kg of lettuce / hour

Universal drive unit

TW-70 / TFS for Steaker / Tenderizer / Strip Cutter + Meat Mincer

All functions for processing vegetables, meat, salad, parsley, chives, chicory, cheese, suasage in one device including the meat mincer.

  • complete stainless steel design
  • space-saving universal drive unit
  • powerful motor with special gear unit
  • reverse gear for easy removal of blockages
TW-70 / TFS

Function and operation

Compact universal drive with stainless steel housing, 2 opposing drive units for meat mincer and steaker or instead of steaker with tenderizer or strip cutter. In addition, the machine is equipped with 1 forward gear and pulse stage for reverse running, with safety switch. The engine switches off automatically when the hopper hood is removed.

Meat Mincer 70

Stainless steel mincer housing with special Miramid screw bearing, polished internal surface, satisfies all hygiene standards, very high pulling power, even for goods that have already been processed, no noticeable temperature increase in the conveyor area, approx. capacity with 4.5 mm perforated disc of 150 kg/h, minimum meat residue in the cutters, easy to clean.


For steaking different types of meat, meat slices up to approx. 25 mm thick and 180 mm wide, steaker cutting rollers with unsharpened stainless steel blades, easy removal of the hopper housing and cutting rollers for quick and hygienic cleaning.


For the ideal tenderization of meat with the standard tenderizing roller set 4.0 mm or with the adjustable tenderizing roller set 1.0 - 5.0 mm.

Strip Cutter

For best cutting various types of meat, fish, sausage and cheese as well as various vegetables and. Various types of fruit in strips with a cutting width of 3.3 mm; 5.0 mm; 10 mm; 20 mm or 25 mm.



  • Butcher's shops
  • Large kitchens
  • Catering
  • Supermarkets
  • Canteens
  • All types of communal catering establishments

Technical data

Type of current

3 ~ 400V 50 Hz

Type of protection

IP 54

Power consumption

580 W

Shaft speed

100 rpm.

Connection cable with safety plug CEE 16/400 IEC 309

2,5 m

Gross weight Drive unit

21 kg

Mechanical safety switch


Motor protection switch


GS mark


CE mark


Dimensions Drive unit

300x690x530 mm (W x D x H)

available as standard