Apple peeler, corer and slicer


  • 70kg – 100kg apples/hour


The multifunctional solution for apple processing

Besides the tried and tested processing options, such as peeling and dividing apples, this appliance also provides an additional function in the form of slicing.

  • for bakeries
  • for industrial kitchens
  • for delicatessens
  • for patisseries
  • for canning plants
  • for fruit drying operations

FEUMA - Das Besondere entdecken ASETSM

Three-step process

  • Attach the fruit manually and remove the cut slices
  • Automatic peeling and slicing
  • Fruit is cored and may also be automatically divided with a dividing star

Technical qualities

  • spring mounted high-grade peeling knife to ensure consistently thin peels, however uneven the fruit surface may be
  • fatigue-free work in a seated position, manual use of a knife is no longer required
  • easy, smooth and safe operation with removable polymethyl acrylate cover
  • lacquer-free, rust-free surfaces, easy to clean


Sectioning blades and dividing stars

A selection of three sectioning blade heads lets you slice the apple to meet your needs

in 3.5mm - in 4.5mm - in 5.5mm - in 7.5mm - in 9.0mm - 10mm - 14mm - 20mm - 30mm

A large selection of dividing stars lets you divide apples at your discretion

in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 or 24 pieces


Separation System

The separation system separates fruit and shell.

The separation system is placed under the apple peeler. No screw connection or the like.

  • Compact stainless steel design

Technical data

ASETSM Dimensions

Type of current

230V 50 Hz


580 W

Motor speed

1400 rpm

Gross weight

36 kg

Throughput performance

70-100 kg/h

Fruitdiameter / length

Ø 30 – 85 / 80 mm

Magnetic safety device


Motor protection switch


CE tested



780x320x400 mm (L x W x H)

available as standard